Hometown Tours: Traces of Tucker in Lincoln Park & Downriver

By Karin Risko

Preston Thomas Tucker’s grave
Michigan Memorial Park, Flat Rock
Masonic Gardens, Block, 41, Section 1121, Marker 4tuckergrave1

Original “Car of the Future” 1948 Tucker on display
The Henry Ford, Dearborn

Preston Tucker’s home
1314 Warwick, Lincoln Park
Now a municipal parking lot, plans are underway to place a historic marker on this site
It’s believed Tucker and his wife Vera resided in two other houses in Lincoln Park: one on Garfield Street and the other on Fort Park near Anne Street.

Lincoln Park Police Station
A Lincoln Park policeman from 1923-1928, original photos of Tucker in uniform hang in the station lobby.

Lincoln Park Historical Museum
Tucker ’48 model replica and small exhibit
Collection of local newspaper articles and Tucker documents

Southbound Southfield Road near Dix / Lincoln Park City Hall
1948 site of the infamous Tucker ‘48 breakdown.
After returning from his son Preston junior’s wedding reception at the Dearborn Inn, the Tucker ’48 broke down on the way to Lincoln Park City Hall where Tucker planned to show off the new car to hometown folks. Dressed in formal attire, Tucker got out of the car and tinkered with the engine until it started running again.
With his wife, Vera, at his side, and long-time friend William S. Mellus, publisher of The Mellus Newspapers, Tucker proudly drove up to “the waiting throng, which received him, and his car, with cheers.”

Sears Lincoln Park Shopping Center
May 19, 1960
Site of Tucker Dream Car Showing and Autograph Session
Mrs. Tucker autographed copies of her husband’s biography “The Indomitable Tin Goose” written by Charles T. Pearson and displayed Tucker’s personal car after keeping it in storage for 12 years.

Ypsilanti Auto Heritage Museum
100 E. Cross, 734 482-5200
Exhibit of photos, concept sketch, drafting table

More Tucker info:

Keeping the legend alive!
Tucker Historical Collection and Library at the Gilmore Car Museum
6865 Hickory Road, Hickory Corners, MI 49060
The Tucker collection has grown from a single photograph to thousands of items. The Tucker No. 1047 is displayed at the Gilmore Car Museum Gas Station. Museum visitors can enjoy peaking at a re-creation of what Tucker’s office inside the Tucker Corporation may have looked like.

Keeping the legend alive online!

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