Council wants to use stimulus money to tear down another Detroit landmark

I just drove past the Michigan Central Station last week and was awestruck by its beauty. Sure, it’s been abandoned for years and looters have pilfered anything of value. In fact, it’s just a skeleton – that said, it’s got great bones. Plus that fantastic expanse of lawn in the front. Even on its deathbed it’s beautiful. Imagine what it would be if anyone cared to revive it. 

Now I hear on the news that Detroit City Council requested an emergency demolition of this building. They want to use stimulus money to tear it down and then get reimbursed by the owner. 

Why the rush? Manuel Maroun didn’t just buy the building. Why hasn’t City Council put the pressure on him for years to preserve and redevelop this landmark? Why can’t the stimulus money be used to SAVE Michigan Central Station &  OUR HISTORY.

When my mother first arrived in this country after World War II, she took the train from New York to Detroit. The Michigan Central Station was her first introduction to Detroit and Michigan.

Do you have a story to share about  this architectural gem in its glory days? Please share it by leaving a comment. 

Read the Detroit Free Press article about the emergency demolition request here.

View Michigan Central Station photo gallery here

PS: In another post, I provided contact information to save the historic Lafayette Building. Please express your concern over losing the Michigan Central Station to them as well. Contact list. 

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