Seats still available for June 13 Glory, Valor & Sacrifice Southeast Michigan Civil War Remembrance Tour

Today is Friday, June 12. I do still have seats available for tomorrow’s Glory, Valor & Sacrifice: Southeast Michigan Civil War Remembrance Tour so don’t miss out. Order tickets online (I get instant notification of that) or give me a call and bring a check tomorrow.

We have three of the best Civil War experts on board this tour plus a bunch of attendees who are Civil War enthusiasts and know it all as well. (Don’t let all that knowledge scare you off, a few of us aren’t that smart!)

At historic Fort Wayne, we’ll get a private tour by Tom Berlucchi, the head of the historic Fort Wayne Coalition. He’s the man when it comes to Fort Wayne as well as Detroit and Michigan history.

So, don’t wait for the next tour – I may never be able to book all these great people at one time again! Sign up now! Tour details and sign up instructions can be found here.

To order tickets, click here.

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