Historic Boston Edison District provides glimpse into Detroit’s prominent past

The bad thing about Internet research is it’s too difficult to stay on task. Somehow I just ended up at the Historic Boston-Edison.org website. Of course, I found the website facinating and had to spend quite some time here.

I discovered that for  only $15,000 you can buy the 2522 Chicago Boulevard home once belonging to Louis Robinson, co-founder of Robinson Furniture.  Numerous houses are listed under different price categories. I’m stunned that there are so many historic houses  available under $70,000 – so many in the $20-30,000 range. I watch HGTV on a regular basis and see what real estate is going for across North America. Little dumps elsewhere sell for half a million dollars. How can these homes in the Boston Edison District have such little value?

A page on the website  is dedicated to prominent Detroiters who once lived in the district – Himmelhoch, Kresge, Kinsel ( never knew the first “s” in S.S. Kresge stood for Sebastian), Kern, Sanders, etc.The Siegel cousins resided here as well.  A little trivia: Jacob Siegel is mentioned in the  HHT guidebook Glory, Valor & Sacrifice: Southeast Michigan’s Contribution to the Civil War. Siegel happened to be in attendance for the performance of Our American Cousin at the famed Ford’s Theatre on the evening President Lincoln was assasinated.

Check out the list of people who once lived here  – Ty Cobb, Berry Gordy Jr., Joe Louis, Henry Ford, etc:

Significant residents of the Boston-Edison District

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