Local historians to discuss Custer’s Michigan connection Sunday on Irish radi

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Contact: Karin Risko, Director of Hometown History Tours

Local historians discuss  Custer’s Michigan connection Sunday on Irish radio

Steve Alexander as General George Armstrong Custer

Grosse Ile, MI – November 6, 2009 – Monroe’s Steve Alexander and Monroe County Historical Museum Assistant Director David Ingall talk Custer across the pond on Sunday evening, November 8, 2009, as guests of Talking History, a weekly program airing on Newstalk, a Dublin-based radio station.  History buffs, stateside, can listen live online at www.newstalk.ie from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST.

Hosted by author Patrick Geoghegan, a lecturer in the Department of History at Trinity College Dublin and one of Ireland’s leading young historians, Talking History takes a contemporary look at history and examines the lessons that can be learned from it.

The award-winning show challenges listeners to rethink their views and deepen their understanding of history. Talking History is described as being “laced with controversy” and “bound to provoke our listeners”.

Speaking of controversial, who fits this category better than the infamous Union Civil War hero George Armstrong Custer, America’s most revered or reviled military leader, who was killed along with his men at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in present-day Montana by Sioux (Lakota) and Cheyenne Indians.  133 years later, this battle still sparks heated debate and is the topic of innumerable books and movies, and the mere mention of Custer today either evokes reverence  or disdain.

L-R, David Ingall with Crazy Horse & Hump descendent Donovin Sprague & Monroe MI Mayor Mark Worrell at 2009 Custer Week program

Alexander, who portrays Custer in film and events, has been proclaimed the “foremost Custer living historian” by the United States Congress. Ingall oversees the Custer Collection at the Monroe County Historical Museum and is an authority on Custer, the Civil War and the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Both gentlemen will join Geoghegan’s panel and  speak on Custer’s military record, the famous battle at the Little Big Horn, and Custer’s ties to Monroe and Michigan.

They’ll also identify local tourist sites and events of interest significant to Custer’s life in Monroe including the upcoming Custer 170th Birthday Celebration to be held in Monroe on December 5, 2009.


3 thoughts on “Local historians to discuss Custer’s Michigan connection Sunday on Irish radi

  1. I’m looking for information about the war at Honsinger’s bluff, Mr Honsinger was custer’s veternarian and was killed by Indians during this raid in Montana, our family believes that John Honsinger is our decendent, he was from michigan like the rest of our family, my brother remembers our grandfather talking about how his grandfather Honsinger told him he was a veternarian in the war along side custer and is buried in Montana, if anyone can help our family out in this mystery we would surley appreciate it. looking forward to hearing from you soon, Marie L. Honsinger
    P.O. Box 462
    Elberta, MI, 49628

    1. I don’t know anything about John Honsinger, but I’ll ask around. Was he from Monroe? If so, there is a very active genealogical society in Monroe that may be able to help you.

    2. Hi Marie: Steve Alexander, a living historian famous for portraying George Custer, mentions the veterinarian in his book (which one, he didn’t say). He says a more thorough accounting is in “Custer’s 7th Cav and the Campaign of 1873” by Dr. Lawrence Frost. He also suggests you check out M. John Lubetkin’s “Jay Cooke’s Gamble, the Northern Pacific Railroad, the Sioux and the Panic of 1873.

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