Save historic Fort Wayne

The following appeal just came across my desk. Fort Wayne is an important part of Detroit’s military history. So much of Fort Wayne has succumbed to decay over past decades, we cannot allow this treasure to once again close and become ravaged by neglect and abandonment.

The Historic Fort Wayne Coalition has been trying their best to save this historic site, and remarkably, have done a great job with few resources except dedicated volunteers. Please make your voice heard and don’t allow Fort Wayne to be shut down. Detroit and Michigan will eventually come out of this financial crisis, but the Fort will NOT survive if it isn’t kept open.


Karin Risko, Hometown History Tours Founder and Director

Dear Detroit Preservationists,

This is a preliminary note for a message from Tom Berlucchi, Chairman Historic Fort Wayne Coalition. His note will be forthcoming upon completion.

The situation with the status of Historic Fort Wayne is tremendously precarious due to the current proposed Detroit City Council budget and Mayor Bing’s veto. The budget recommendations, as written, will strip enough money from the Department of Parks and Recreation to result in the closing of Historic Fort Wayne.

Within the Chairman’s message will be information for you to contact the Detroit City Council to advocate on behalf of the Department of Parks and Recreation. Speaking for the Chairman at this point, I can only urge you to contact via phone, via email and to disburse this information to anyone willing to advocate for Historic Fort Wayne. Preservationist, living historians – it does not matter. Please forward the following Chairman’s message to your respective groups to express your concern in this matter.

PLEASE – DO NOT HESITATE in voicing your opinion about the proposed budget cuts for Parks and Recreation that may result in the closing of Historic Fort Wayne. I cannot express the urgency or the need for your support in this matter whether you are an active member of the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition or not.

I am sorry to have to write to you regarding this at this time. I will submit to you the Chairman’s message as soon as I receive it and look forward to your support with this.


Thomas Steele
Historic Fort Wayne Coalition

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