Hollywood and History: The story behind They Died with their Boots On.

Custer historians Father Vince Heier (left) and Gregory J. W. Urwin (right) author of: Custer victorious: the Civil War battles of General George Armstrong Custer

To commemorate Custer Week in Monroe and the 75th anniversary of the movie They Died with Their Boots On, Father Vincent Heier, a Custer historian, shares his thoughts on the making and history of the movie which was used as a WWII propaganda tool.

A Catholic priest from St. Louis, Missouri, Father Heier became fascinated by Custer and the Little Big Horn story at the age of 8 after watching an episode of the TV Western Cheyenne.

An avid collector of Custeriania, Father Heier is particularly interested in the literature about Custer and his times as well as Custer’s impact on popular culture.

A film screening of the movie that stars Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland
will follow Father Heier’s presentation which begins at 1:30 PM today (Sunday, Oct 9) at the Ellis Library and Reference Center, 3700 South Custer Road, Monroe, MI. 48161-9716 Phone: (734) 241-5277.

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