MIDTOWN Macabre: Trail of Terror Haunted Halloween Walking Tour


Trail of Terror Walking Tour

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Final tour: Monday, October 31, 2011

6:45 PM Sharp

Dress warm, there’s going to be CHILL in the air tonight!

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Ripped from the headlines of Detroit’s past, and not so distant past, this chilling look at the city’s sinister side reveals a reality that’s much more frightening than fiction. Join us  – if you dare – as we traverse a tragic trail of terror and unmask menacing tales of depravity, rage, retribution, corruption, sadism, torture and pure evil that lurk below the surface of this trendy part of town.

Beautiful by day yet eerily haunting at night, Midtown’s historic Gothic cathedrals and Victorian mansions of bygone eras create an ominous setting for scary stories of murder, mayhem and mysticism.

Expert guides will lead you down dimly lit streets, through shadowy back alleys and the heart of Detroit’s once infamous Cass Corridor  and disclose gruesome true crimes of passion, greed, and sheer evil.  Chilling stories of serial killers (several of which are still-at-large), a dismembered doctor, a mob massacre, and more.

"Join us - if you dare!"

You’ll hear about Princess – a young woman murdered in her sleep by an unimaginable perpetrator. And just as the shower scene in Psycho transformed this routine ritual into a terrifying toilette, our tragic tale of murder via arsenic-infused baked goods may leave you partial to store bought over homemade long after this tour ends.

A trail of terror through Midtown wouldn’t be complete without dabbling into the occult and supernatural.  Perhaps, we’ll be the lucky ones to raise Harry Houdinifrom the dead when we stop by the former funeral home where the famous magician briefly lay in state before his body was shipped to New York for burial. Maybe, along the way, we’ll spot Detroit’s version of Chucky – the doll inhabited by evil that comes to life and wreaks havoc – or other spooky specters.

Ghostly Gasses, photo by Jennifer Bauer

Your nervous laughter won’t keep the evil spirits at bay on this tour, but don’t worry; we won’t mock your feeble attempts to contain your fright.

Be forewarned: popular haunted houses and ghost tours, with their manufactured fright, are great fun and entertainment. They pale, however, in comparison to these terrifying true crime stories wretched from the headlines of Detroit’s past. It’s these vile and ghastly stories of brutality committed by real people – not ghosts and goblins – that will come to haunt your every thought and plague your dreams.

Disclaimer: Tour not appropriate for young children – or the faint of heart! In the end, it’s your call.

Tour is approximately 2 hours and 2 miles. Dress appropriately for the weather. Wear comfy shoes – you might have to run!


Friday thru Monday, October 28 – 31, 2011

6:45 PM Sharp

$15 Advance Sales* / $20 Day of Tour  (*Discount valid up to 18 hours before scheduled tours)


To insure everyone has a quality experience, we strongly recommend advance registration.

$2 off ticket price for groups of 10 or more w/advance purchase only / Private tours available for groups of 10 or more

Tours depart promptly from E. Kirby Entrance of The Park Shelton located at15 E. Kirby (Kirby at Woodward), Detroit, MI 48202. The Park Shelton offers secure parking for $5 inside the adjacent parking structure. Additional public parking available in nearby lots. Call Hometown History Tours for information, not The Park Shelton.

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