2012 Most Endangered Historic Places in Southeast Michigan

The National Trust for Historic Preservation announced its 2012 most endangered historic places list.

Click here to see complete list.

Their list prompted me to think about the 11 most endangered historic places in SE Michigan. Here’s my list, flowing off the top of my head. I’m sure if I gave it further thought, I might have other picks.  How about sharing your list?

2012 Most Endangered Historic Places in Southeast Michigan

1. Topping the NTHP list was the Bridges of Yosemite Valley. Topping my list is the Bridges of Wayne County. I’m talking about those beautiful cantilevered concrete arched bridges found on Grosse Ile, Belle Isle, Elizabeth Park, Gibraltar, and the draw bridges found on Fort Street, Jefferson and I believe Oakwood. Check out all the historic Wayne County bridges here. 

2. Historic Fort Wayne, the only star-shaped fort in the US still standing today.

3. The Belle Isle Stables and Detroit Boat Club

4. Pumping Station and Hurlbut Memorial Gate at Waterworks Park. The pumping station is pretty magnificent, I can only imagine what the park must have looked like.

5. Just as Texas Court houses, our Old Wayne County Building is endangered.

6. Michigan Central Depot aka the train station

7. Book Tower, once the tallest building in Detroit

8. If NTHP hopes to preserve the last boyhood home of  Malcolm X in Boston, shouldn’t we be preserving the home he lived in while in Detroit as well as the Nation of Islam Temple No. One on Linden where he got his start.

9. Dr. Ossian Sweet home

10. Dunbar Hospital

11. Since I opened with Bridges of Wayne County, I’ll conclude with historic Churches of Wayne County are endangered.

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