Detroit’s Revival – Who is really responsible for it?

In today’s daily newspapers, there were two positive articles about Detroit.

In the Detroit News article on Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker visit, the mayor was  quoted as  saying Detroit is a “great city” where “hope thrives.”

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The Detroit Free Press  article New Detroit residents, workers speed downtown revival reveals how the influx of new residents has created a bustling atmosphere once again.

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As usual, the haters had to sign on to post their poison by denigrating the city and its residents.  I know, I shouldn’t read comments! I wish legitimate news organizations wouldn’t allow them.

One particular comment rubbed me the wrong way. Know-it-all Herb B, a Yahoo top commentator (Is Top Commentator code for someone with too much time on their hands or someone who likes to hear themselves talk) opined:

“I wonder if he [Booker] realizes that all of the reforms and cuts and efforts to get Detroit back on its feet are headed by Snyder, and NOT any of Detroit’s leadership (most of all the City Council)? I don’t think he’d say such a thing if he really knew that…”

Herb’s response was to this statement by the Detroit News  writer not Mayor Booker:

“Detroit — the nation’s poorest big city — teetered on the brink of bankruptcy for months and was forced to sign a consent agreement with the state in April to avoid a state takeover of the city. The city is implementing deep cuts in staffing, salaries and taking other drastic steps to pay its bills.”

Mayor Booker made his positive comments after touring the city and seeing all the vibrant entrepreneurial efforts such as the Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company which are drawing customers from all over – not because of Governor Snyder’s implementation of an emergency manager.  The seeds for these positive changes in Detroit were planted long before Governor Snyder ever took office.  It’s ludicrous to even credit him.

Unfortunately, that’s how it always goes. When things go good, the supporters always like to give the credit to their boy/girl. Unless, of course, you are President Obama – then you aren’t allowed to take credit for anything positive under your watch (killing Bin Ladin).

Enough of my soapbox!

Whom (people, businesses, community organizations) do you think is responsible for Detroit’s revival? Artists, entrepreneurs, long-time residents, community activists, newcomers, Mike Ilitch, Dan Gilbert, Susan Mosey, Blight Busters, etc.

Don’t forget to include why?

2 thoughts on “Detroit’s Revival – Who is really responsible for it?

  1. Hi I am Exec Dir. Of the Ossining (NY) Historical Society and follow Hometown History Tours to “steal” ideas for our historically oriented tours and other events. Hope you don’t mind. One of our annual tours is called Holy Ossining! and we visit several of our 19th century churches. Two of them of them have very large Tiffany windows and even people who have lived all of their lives here are astounded by the art, history and architecture that is all around them that that have never really seen and understood. Anyway just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to us.

    Miguel Hernandez

    1. Gosh Miguel, You humble me. I’m so appreciative of your kind words. As a solo entrepreneur, sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, but then to read feedback such as this, you get reinvigorated. I am going to check out your site as well to “steal” a few ideas – LOL! In fact, I will be posting my church tour information shortly. The same happens here too. People here are amazed as well by all the treasures found in Detroit, Monroe, etc. Anyway, I’m going to check out your site right now. Let’s keep in touch and offer suggestions! Perhaps, you’ll be in Detroit soon and me in Ossining.

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