Notorious 313 True Crime / Ghost “Bus” Tour

Notorious 313 True Crime / Ghost “Bus” Tour

Where the real crime is not taking this tour!

Sunday, October 27 / 1 – 5 PM / $39

Discount Code: HALLOWEEN saves you $10 off ticket price. Use discount code when ordering tickets online or mention it when ordering by phone.

Tours depart promptly from The Park Shelton lobby located at 15 E. Kirby (Kirby at Woodward), Detroit, MI 48202. The Park Shelton offers secure parking for $5 inside the adjacent parking structure (Woodward Avenue entrance). Additional public parking available in nearby lots. For tour information, contact  Hometown History Tours at 734.642.5712, not the Park Shelton.

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Our Mistress of Darkness is ready to show you the sinister side of the city.
Our Mistress of Darkness is ready to show you the sinister side of the city.

Ripped from the headlines of Detroit’s past, and not so distant past, this chilling look at the city’s sinister side reveals a reality that’s much more frightening than fiction.

Check out short video on Notorious 313 here

Join us, if you dare!

On this Notorious 313 True Crime & Ghost Tour incarnation, we leave the safe confines of Downtown Detroit behind and traverse a tragic trail via comfy motorcoach throughout the D where we’ll unmask macabre tales of murder, mayhem, mystery, and mysticism. History has never been so haunting!

A few of the terrifying true crime tales we’ll reveal are:

  • Hippie Homocide
  • Killed for kissing white girls
  • Dismembered doctor
  • Robin Hood or cold-blooded cop killers
  • Murderous mob rule
  • Mystic massacre
  • Damned and deadly hotel
  • Cookie killer
Jennifer Bauer and ghostly gasses. MIDTOWN Macabre: Trail of Terror Walking Tour
Photo by Jennifer Bauer

Plus, many more spellbinding stories of true crimes, haunted legends & lore, macabre and evil doings will be told.

  • We’ll also visit a haunted bar where you can enjoy a cocktail (not included in tour price) while hearing about the entity that haunts the place, a cemetery where some notorious criminals are buried and the former funeral home where famed illusionist and spiritualist Harry Houdini lay in state before his body was transported to New York.
  • Several of the locations where these featured true crimes took place are believed to be haunted. Download your FREE smartphone ghost detector app (Ghost Radar) and find out for yourself!

Be forewarned: popular haunted houses and ghost tours, with their manufactured fright, are great fun and entertainment. They pale in comparison, however, to these terrifying true crime stories wretched from the headlines of Detroit’s past. It’s these vile and ghastly stories of brutality committed by real people – not ghosts and goblins – that will come to haunt your every thought and plague your dreams.

Disclaimer: Tour probably not appropriate for young children or the faint of heart! In the end, it’s your call.


Hometown History Tours Park Shelton Ticket office open one hour prior to tour start. Call 734.642.5712 for questions or further information.

To insure everyone has a quality experience, ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Space permitting, we will take same day reservations. 

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From Belle Isle to Eight Mile, down Woodward Avenue – an original American byway  and site of the nation’s first mile of concrete highway, to Gate 4 of Ford’s infamous Rouge Plant bridge to the Gateway to Freedom at the river’s edge, Hometown History Tours reveals the stories of Detroit that beg to be told.

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    1. Bus tour was on Sunday, Nov 27. It ran from 1 to 5 P. Offering final walking tour of the season on Nov 2, from 7 to 10 P

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