2014 tour season dedication to Tracy Savage

In loving memory of Tracy Savage

September 25, 1965 – August 7/8, 2013

Hometown History Tours 2014 season dedicated to Tracy Savage. RIP Baby!
Hometown History Tours 2014 season dedicated to Tracy Savage. RIP Baby!

Recently I recalled the many conversations and arguments my boyfriend Tracy & I had over the years about Detroit (American history in general) as well as the stories he shared about growing up in Detroit. It dawned on me then that although Tracy did not have an active role in my biz, the insights he shared with me have continually enabled me to look at Detroit history from the lens of multiple views. He gave me a perspective – a gift – not many people in my position have the pleasure of possessing.

Upon realizing the extent Tracy’s influence, I’d like to dedicate our 2014 tour season to my love, partner, friend and confidant. The past 11 months have been an emotional roller coaster, and I’ve so missed having my friend here to bounce ideas off or serve as my sounding board. I know he probably held the phone away from his ear as I rattled on, but he always listened.  I know Tracy wouldn’t want me to be so sad or quit so I’m finding some solace in recognizing and acknowledging the gifts and joys knowing him  brought me.

So as I get ready to move into a tour season that Tracy had no physical part of, I want to say: “Thank you Baby” and “You’re always here in my heart.” On those beautiful nights after an evening tour downtown, instead of calling you on the phone to rehash the night, I’ll look up to the sky and tell you. I hope you will be looking down upon me this year and always.

Love always,


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