Help wanted: Notorious 313 research & development, tour guides for 2015

HELP WANTED: Would you like to be on the R&D team for Notorious 313 Detroit’s Original True Crime & Ghost Tour or work as a tour guide in 2015?

R & D Team Member

Notorious 313 tour research and development is a project-based, contract position. Must be willing to spend time at Burton Collection perusing old files, searching old newspapers online, books, and even some old-fashioned foot detective work searching for leads, then further researching these leads to flesh out story and summarize stories into one typed page.

Won’t make a fortune, but if history, tragedy, crime & ghost tales interest you, this may be a gig for you. We’d love to have you on board. Being able to fulfill and deliver the goods is of utmost importance. $250 per project (3 projects available)

Tour Guide

Do you possess a flair for drama and love to be the center of attention? Can you weave a spell-binding tale from a few facts? Think ID TV, Dateline! Do you like your history mixed with mystery, murder and mayhem?

If so, our true crime and ghost tours might be a great fit for you! We’re looking for a few gregarious personalities to enthusiastically rep the Notorious 313 brand and lead our popular walking tours on Friday and Saturday nights (possibly Thursday nights too) in different districts of downtown Detroit & Midtown. $50 per night plus gratuities. May through Nov 2. Physical demands: Must be able to lead group around 2-3 mile area.

This Gigs For You

Interested parties, please email me a carefully crafted pitch on why you’d be great at either or both of these positions.

NO GENERIC RESUMES OR COVER LETTERS! Want you to talk to me (Karin) directly.
Be creative in your pitch – or you might want to answer all or a few pertinent questions such as:

  • Why are you the right person for the job/s?
  • What similar things have you done that prove you can do the job? If you don’t have any concrete examples, why do you think you can do the job? Sell me! 
  • What assets do you bring to the table that can turn Notorious 313 tours into a top must-do Detroit attraction and a top true crime/ghost tour in the country?
  • How can you help me grow the Notorious 313 brand in 2015? 

List position you’re applying for in subject line, pitch in body and email me at

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Notorious 313 

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