Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis’s latest Detroit renovation “A Grand Exterior” debuts tonight at 9 PM

East Grand Boulevard home. Nicole Curtis Rehab Addicts most recent Detroit renovation debuts tonight at 9 PM on HGTV.

Are you Rehab Addicts ready for the debut of Nicole Curtis’s season 6 episodes “A Grand exterior” featuring the rehab of a once forlorn Tudor on East Grand Boulevard?

I had the pleasure of finally driving by the house last Saturday. Since there were cars out front, I decided to see if I could get an inside tour of the house.

Made it as far as the landing. Her father was very nice and invited me into the foyer where I got a glimpse of the living room and a study or den at the end.

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis & me, Karin Risko, owner of Hometown History Tours
Nicole Curtis and me outside her previous Detroit rehab on Campbell Street. Her open houses are extremely organized and she allows everyone to line up and get their photo taken with her.

The fireplace and wood built-ins were gorgeous as well as the staircase. What I could see was done in true Nicole Curtis-style – neutrals. Lots of light  in the living room paired with neutral furniture and wall color made it really soothing.

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any photos. Hoping they still have some sort of work to do and I get a call to volunteer. Also hope she offers an open house like she did with her previous Detroit renovation.

Check out photos from December 2013 Campbell Street Open House here. 

Anyway, have to get a few tasks done, then I’ll pop some corn, get a comfy blanket (it’s cold here) and settle in to watch the renovations unfold.

NC fans might want to check out this Model D article published today. Photo I included was taken Saturday. Photo in article was pre-renovation.

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