Help HHT qualify 4 Main Street Mission Grant. Please cast your vote!

We have applied for a Chase Main Street Mission Grant and need your helpIn order to even qualify for this grant,  250 votes of support are needed by June 19. Will you please vote for us?


We’d love to bring something really awesome to Detroit’s tourism scene and use it as a vehicle to tell the many amazing Detroit stories that beg to be told.  Winning this grant would enable us to turn this dream into reality!

How to help
Would you please help out and vote for Hometown History Tours? It’s simple and only takes a second. You do need to vote via your Facebook account.  After you vote, would you please share the link showing that you helped out my small business? 

You don’t have to live in Detroit or even the USA. As long as you have a facebook account, you can vote!


Vote here:

Thank you for your support!

Karin @ Hometown History Tours


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