Help Wanted: Story teller, guide, sweeper

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Do you have an interest in history, true crime, ghost stories & other macabre tales? Can you weave a series of facts into a spellbinding tale and deliver it to a live audience? (Think City Confidential, American Justice, ID TV) Do you have the physical stamina to walk* over a mile through downtown Detroit at night?  Are you reliable, trustworthy & available for a few nights in October?

If so, then this may be the part-time gig you’ve been seeking.


Oct 18, 25, 26, 30

6:00 to 10 PM

Oct 27 (bus tour) 1-5 PM

Guide opportunities for all tours in 2014 for those who are interested!


Seeking someone with a flair for the dramatic to learn the Notorious 313 True Crime / Ghost Lantern Tour and deliver it  in tandem with me or another guide while working as a sweeper (keeping group together/promoting tour to onlookers/keeping panhandlers from interrupting narration & hassling attendees). May also deliver solo one night depending on how quick you can pick script up.

I have the events scripted out, you need to perfect how you’d deliver the stories. You may refer to note cards, but don’t want you reading word-for-word from a script.

Check out Notorious 313 promo here

Other tours you may be asked to guide if interested


While anyone with an interest is able to apply, preference will be given to nearby Detroit residents who can possibly bike, walk to work or take the bus. Parking, especially on games days, is expensive and might not make this gig worth your while if driving a distance.


At this point, we meet outside the Greektown People Mover station (Beaubien & Monroe Streets) and travel via foot & People Mover to many spots throughout downtown Detroit including Capitol Park, 2nd & Fort St, Gratiot & Broadway.


Videotape yourself answering the following questions and email  to (  k[underscore]risko[at]yahoo[dot]com )

Video app: (Answer all questions and the delivery test)

1) Basic questions:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Education
  • Any misdemeanors or felonies? Please explain when and circumstances
  • Any physical limitations that would prevent you from leading a walking tour?
  • Why do you want this gig?
  • What type of experience do you possess that lends itself to making you the right candidate for this gig (actor, cop, tour guide, paranormal detective, just think it would be fun, etc.)?
  • How can you help make this tour exciting, fun and turn it into  a “must-do” Detroit attraction?

2) Delivery test

Use the following true crime information and show me how you would turn it into an interesting & dramatic story based on fact & possibly a little paranormal.

Stop: Holiday Inn Express parking lot on Washington Blvd once the site of the Ten 40 Club at 1040 Wayne

By 1937, Harry Milliman and several other former Purple Gang members become lone wolves and start shaking down various mafia protected brothels, numbers joints, bars, etc. Milliman was warned to stop these activities by members of the Purple Gang and other established mob networks, but he didn’t heed the warnings. Many attempts on his life were made. In fact, many hotels refused to rent rooms to him, because wherever he went, someone ended up dead. Aug 29, Milliman stopped by the Ten 40 club for a night of partying. He handed the keys to his car over to the valet. At 2:30 A, he’s ready to leave and hands over ticket to valet for car to be retrieved. As soon as valet starts Lasalle coupe, an explosion occurs instantly vaporizing young valet. Hood of the Lasalle found on the roof of a nearby 5-story building. 10 sticks of dynamite were wired to the spark plugs. 


$50 per night plus possible gratuities. (Gratuities split between guides).

*I am an equal opportunity employer and not opposed to hiring those with disabilities. Our tours are physically demanding and include lots of walking. Although we use the People Mover, elevators don’t always work. That said, I am not opposed to hiring anyone if you possess the story-telling skills, dramatic flair and and think you can navigate the route.

2 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Story teller, guide, sweeper

  1. Yes I’m interested in doing and it’ll look good on my acting resume.Please contact me at 313 424 2029 248 981 8180 313 878 3662.I can do any of dates listed.There is no video hookup on this computer etc but call me when you read this reply.

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