Detroit Civil War Remembrance Walking Tour

Glory, Valor & Sacrifice: Detroit Civil War Remembrance Walking/People Mover Tour 

Saturdays: Jul 27, Sep 28  / 1 PM – 4 PM

Adult $25, Youth $18* (special group rate for parties of 12 or more)

*REAL DEAL – Use discount code REALDEAL and get all tickets for only $16. Use discount code on adult regular ticket price to access discount. Offer valid through August 31, 2013

Tour departs promptly from outside Greektown People Mover Station

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Join us on this tour of downtown Detroit where we pay tribute to the local people who played a prominent role in defending our Nation and preserving the Union.

  • “Thank God for Michigan!” Why did President Lincoln utter those famous words?
  • How did Detroit’s role in the abolition movement impact public opinion against slavery? 
  • What two major players in the Civil War resided in Detroit prior to the outbreak of war?
  • Why is a letter written by a local resident considered by many as the real start of the Civil War?
  • How did a United State Senator from Michigan make his mark on the Constitution?  
  • Which Detroit mayor was able to thwart not one, but two Confederate attempts to wreak havoc locally – which if successful could have resulted in huge national consequences?
  • What role did the city center known as Campus Martius play during this time?

You’ll find out the answers to these questions and much more on the Glory, Valor & Sacrifice: Detroit Civil War Remembrance Tour.

Tour price includes: Guided Tour, People Mover pass valid for the rest of the day, and special appearance by General George Armstrong Custer, commander of the Michigan Cavalry Brigade as he reads a eulogy to President Abraham Lincoln, just as he did in April of 1865.


Click here to book tour now

 Can’t take the tour? Schedule a private group tour, or take your own self-guided tour with our guide Glory, Valor & Sacrifice: Michigan Sites Significant to the Civil War.


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