Bicentennial of the War of 1812 update from The Henry Ford

Note: The following information was sent out by The Henry Ford

Since May of 2010, The Henry Ford, in cooperation with the First Regiment of Volunteers has embarked on several new and exciting expressions of the War of 1812. The Bicentennial of the War of 1812 is upon us and we invite you to join us for scheduled events in 2012 and beyond.

(Visit two War of 1812 battle sites, view remnants of the old Hull Hwy, view War of 1812 artifacts at the Lake Erie Marsh Museum and visit the River Raisin National Battlefield Park on our Southeast Michigan Sightseeing Tour)

The War of 1812 Muster of 2011 was a huge success and this year’s program will take on a new level of excitement with the declaration of War with Great Britain. The Henry Ford recognizes the significance of this conflict and has increased its commitment and support in honoring this period of American history that played such an integral role in our national and regional story.
We are proud to announce that on March 7, the Michigan Commission on the Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 voted unanimously to endorse the War of 1812 Muster in Greenfield Village event.
In addition to sharing updates to the War of 1812 Muster event August 18 – 19, we wanted to make you aware of another Bicentennial activity that will be taking place at The Henry Ford.

Please review and pass along the information below:

Fifteen Star Flag Raising Ceremony ~ June 18, 2012
In observance of the 200th Anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of War signed by President James Madison on June 18, 1812, The Henry Ford will be participating in the War of 1812 Commission’s Fifteen Star Flag Raising initiative.

The Henry Ford will fly a 8 x 12 foot fifteen star flag over the Independence Hall clock tower (Henry Ford Museum) and a smaller one in Greenfield Village at the Phoenixville Post Office Saturday and Sunday, June 16 & 17.

A separate hand-out and/or mention of the observance in the Motor Muster event program will be made available to all guests over the weekend. On Monday, June 18 at 10:00 am there will be a ceremony on the front lawn of Henry Ford Museum where there will be speeches, music, singing, readings, musket and cannon salutes, and the hoisting of the fifteen star flag. The flags will fly the remainder of the day, during the War of 1812 Muster weekends, and on other key bicentennial dates over the next several years.

There will be a stipend for participants, as well as a planned luncheon immediately following the ceremony. If schedules allow, there may also be a presentation during lunch by The Henry Ford’s Director of Historical Resources, Marilyn Zoidos, who was Chief Curator of the Smithsonian’s restoration of the original Star Spangled Banner.

War of 1812 Muster in Greenfield Village ~ August 18 – 19, 2012:
Building upon the momentum of last year’s event, we invite you to join us August 18th and 19th to bring the Porches and Parlors District of Greenfield Village alive as a town of the Early Republic facing the challenge of conflict.
Many of the core activities will remain the same and we will once again utilize the buildings, structures and landscape of this portion of Greenfield Village to create an appropriate look and feel.

However, several new and exciting enhancements are planned for the 2012 event. Some updates for this year’s event include:
A new location for the military camp and additional martial music. This will allow for greater accessibility and guest engagement.

Additional high quality vendors have been added.
Brian L. Dunnigan and Dr. James McConnell, State of Michigan War of 1812 Commissioners and noted historians/authorities, will deliver keynote presentations – one each day – near the event activities.

Mr. Dunnigan will present “Troubled Waters: The Great Lakes Frontier on the Eve of the War of 1812” and Dr. McConnell will present “Michigan at War: The Struggle for The Old Northwest, 1812 -1815”.

There will be a special display of 1812 period artifacts from the collections of The Henry Ford never seen before. The plan is to exhibit more artifacts and collections of the 1812 era as they are located and cataloged.

Participant’s morning briefings were very helpful to everyone and this year we will be providing hot coffee, tea and donuts on Saturday and Sunday morning prior to Greenfield Village opening.

As suggested by last year’s participants, we will be providing a free lunch in camp along with refreshments.

The great dinner of last year will be repeated on Saturday evening and will be provided to all costumed participants free of charge… remember to leave room for dessert!

We are hoping to continue to grow this high quality event and are looking for additional soldiers, volunteers, civilians, children and tradesmen representing the period 1805 to 1815. If you know other individuals or groups that might be interested in participating in this juried event please have them contact the First Regiment of Volunteers at

War of 1812 Muster in Greenfield Village
The Henry Ford will continue to support and recognize the War of 1812 Bicentennial through this annual event over the next several years. Continued support and momentum will establish this as one key signature events in their programming. Although there may be other one-off events or activities that may surface in the future, The Henry Ford has committed to the following War of 1812 Muster events and Bicentennial activities over the next several years:

June 18, 2012: Fifteen Star Flag Raising Ceremony ~ Henry Ford Museum
August 18 – 19, 2012: War of 1812 Muster in Greenfield Village
August 17 – 18, 2013: War of 1812 Muster in Greenfield Village
August 23 -24, 2014: War of 1812 Muster in Greenfield Village
August 22 – 23, 2015: War of 1812 Muster in Greenfield Village

See where important battles during the War of 1812 took place on our Southeast Michigan Sightseeing Tour!

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