Notorious 313 Detroit’s Original True Crime & Ghost Lantern Walking Tours

Notorious 313 Detroit’s Original True Crime & Ghost Lantern Walking Tours

Where the “real crime” is not taking this tour!

The tour that made news around the world is back for the third year! We have three cool tours to fright & delight. If you like your history on the sinister side, these tours are for you!

Notorious 313: Foreboding Fort Street / $25

 Oct 26 (Full Moon Rising) – Private tour; Wednesday, Oct 28 / 7 P – 9:30 P 

Real Deal: Use discount code REALDEAL when ordering online or via phone and SAVE $8 off all tickets!

Frightful tales on Foreboding Fort Street include Dueling Undertakers, Marriage Means Murder, Killer Cholera and the Benevolent Specter, Newspaper Robbed Twice, Murdered by the Mob, Houdini’s Final Performance, Governor’s Ghost & much more.

Departs promptly at specified time from outside Anchor Bar, 450 W. Fort Street, Detroit 48226

Notorious 313: Midtown Unmasked / $25

Tues, Oct 27 (Full Moon) / 7 P – 9:30 P 

Real Deal: Use discount code REALDEAL when ordering online or via phone and SAVE $8 off all tickets!

Midtown Unmasked takes you beneath the fancy branding to sadistic stories of serial killers, mob rule, pimps gone bad, mysticism, honor killings, revenge, Houdini hot spots and more.

Departs promptly at specified time from outside Great Lakes Coffee, 3965 Woodward, Detroit 48201

Notorious 313: Ghastly Greektown / $25

Fridays: Thursdays: Oct 1, 22 Private, 29 Private / 7 P – 9:30 P

Real Deal: Use discount code REALDEAL when ordering online or via phone and SAVE $8 off all tickets!

Ghastly Greektown true tales include Cache of Bones, Macabre Morgue Experiments, Black Widower’s Tangled Web, Gallows Ghost, Doctors of Death and more!

Departs promptly at specified time from corner of Monroe & Beaubien – street level, outside PeopleMover exit doors

 Book tour now! Call 734.642.5712  or click here to book online

Notorious313Straight from the heart of the Motor City, the true crime/ghost tours you’ve been dying to take are finally here!

Ripped from the headlines of Detroit’s past, and not so distant past, this chilling look at the city’s sinister side reveals a reality that’s much more frightening than fiction. Join us – if you dare – for this spirited expedition through downtown or midtown Detroit where we unmask macabre tales of depravity, rage, retribution, corruption, sadism, torture and pure evil that lurk below the surface of this historic city.

Check out Associated Press video here

Beautiful by day yet eerily haunting at night, Detroit’s 300-plus years of history and mix of gothic, neoclassic, and modern architecture create an ominous setting for scary stories of misconduct, murder, misfortune, mayhem and mysticism.

Shadowy back alley on Notorious 313 tour. Photo by Kristie Bonner
Shadowy back alley on Notorious 313 tour. Photo by Kristie Bonner

Travel down dimly lit streets and shadowy back alleys and uncover gruesome true crimes of corruption, intrigue, passion, greed, and sheer evil or chilling stories of mob massacres, black widowers, serial murderers, defilement of the dead, killer cholera, morgue experiments and more!

A tour of Detroit’s sinister side wouldn’t be complete without dabbling into the occult and supernatural. Perhaps, we’ll be the lucky ones to raise master magician Harry Houdini from the dead or spy the ghosts of Michigan’s Boy Governor or Detroit’s patron saint.  Do the ghosts of those who died tragically, whether victims of foul play, horrible accidents or deadly diseases, still wander the streets? Can Detroit’s misfortune be attributed to an evil spirit who has a history of wreaking havoc? Find out on these tours!

Popular haunted houses and ghost tours, with their manufactured fright, are great fun and entertainment. They pale, however, in comparison to these terrifying true crime stories wretched from the headlines of Detroit’s past. It’s these vile and ghastly stories of brutality committed by real people – not ghosts and goblins – that will come to haunt your thoughts and plague your dreams.

Disclaimer: Tour may not appropriate for young children – or the faint of heart! In the end, it’s your call!

We offer Notorious 313 bus & cemetery tours too. Click tour tab for info!

Fine Print

  • These are walking tours! Dress appropriately for the weather AND wear comfy, walking shoes – you might have to run!
  • Tours run light rain or shine. In the case of extreme inclement weather (severe thunderstorms, heavy downpour, tornado warnings) decision to run tour or not will be made based on conditions two hours prior to tour. (Some people travel a distance, so we need to let them know). For day of tour weather update, call 734.642.5712 or visit our facebook page. 
  • Minimum attendees are required for tour to be a go. Make sure to check back with Hometown History Tours 24 hours prior to tour.
  • Tickets are non-refundable – except when canceled by tour operator  (Can’t attend? You may pass on tickets to friends or family)

Hometown History Tours representative will be on site one half hour prior to start of tour tour. To insure everyone has a quality experience, ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Space permitting, we take same day reservations.

For further information, call Hometown History Tours


Book tour now! Call 734.642.5712 or click here to book online

Notorious 313 – where the “real crime” is not taking this tour!

From Belle Isle to Eight Mile, down Woodward Avenue – an original American byway and site of the nation’s first mile of concrete highway, to Gate 4 of Ford’s infamous Rouge Plant bridge to the Gateway to Freedom at the river’s edge, Hometown History Tours reveals the stories of Detroit that beg to be told.

4 thoughts on “Notorious 313 Detroit’s Original True Crime & Ghost Lantern Walking Tours

  1. I live in Phx, will be visiting family in Detroit. I have ALS and use a power chair- very powerful. Would I be able to attend a tour?

    1. Hi Tim, Unfortunately in Michigan and especially Detroit we don’t have the smooth infrastructure of Phoenix. Plus, everything is under construction. That said, I don’t think there is anything that should prevent you from attending. If we do run across a tricky area (construction changes daily it seems), we would be happy to provide any assistance to make it easier for you. If you want to take a bus tour, let me know. I can inquire about getting a bus with a lift. On the bus tour, we do get on and off at a few sites, including an old historic fort, but I think you will be able to navigate that too. Thanks for your inquiry.

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